Why do Indian Students Prefer to Study Abroad for Higher Education?

The number of Indian students pursuing higher education overseas has increased significantly over the last few years. According to study abroad consultants, the number of Indian students choosing to study overseas will reach 1.8 million by the end of 2024.

Statistics recently released by the government in Parliament indicated a 68% rise in Indian students travelling overseas for higher study over the previous year—750,365 students in 2022 as opposed to 444,553 in 2021.

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Here are some of the benefits of studying abroad:

Benefits of Pursuing Studies Abroad

  • You are introduced to a global system of instruction and employment at a young age.
  • Your awareness of different cultures is expanded.
  • Your professional prospects are increased.
  • Improve your technical skills
  • Give your CV an edge over competitors.
  • Expand your social and professional network.

Now let’s look into these in detail.

  • A wide range of course options

Studying abroad provides a broader selection of courses of study. This involves some of the best research opportunities and specialised instruction for students. This widens your perspective and opens the door to a world of new prospects. Another advantage is that several programmes allow you to enrol in multiple specialisations. So do you want to get an international degree in some of the most sought-after courses? Want to study at highly ranked institutions and experience a distinctive learning atmosphere? Flyworld, the best study abroad consultants in Kochi, will help you achieve this.

  • Increases your career prospects

Employers favour individuals who have studied abroad. Obtaining an education abroad indicates to recruiters that you are brave, flexible, culturally aware, and understand how different people operate and think. When it comes to internships and job applications, this overseas experience puts you ahead of the competition.

  • Cultural Exposure

Exposure is the most effective way to learn about a new country’s language and culture. As you’ll be communicating with native speakers every day, learning the new language will be easier. This makes it easier to understand the country’s culture as well.

Living, studying, and working in a foreign country may appear difficult at first. But you’ll be fascinated by how soon it becomes effortless. Interacting successfully in a foreign language will help you succeed in academics. It helps you establish new friends from every corner of the world. This could later develop into professional connections and help with effective networking.

  • Provides you with global exposure.

Acquiring novel strategies to tackle various scenarios, managing time between academics and working part-time, witnessing global teaching methods, and coping with a multicultural population are all benefits of studying abroad. This influences your overall understanding and awareness of life. This could be an asset later in life.

  • You develop an international perspective.

Individuals who study abroad acquire a more knowledgeable attitude and a broader view of other cultures and communities. Irrespective of the course you study, you will be able to think globally. This can help you deal with contemporary challenges and develop creative solutions in the future. You will be equipped with a more diverse collection of life experiences. This enables you to think more freely and independently.

  • Lifetime experience

The adventure of studying abroad does not end when you leave the university. During your stay in a foreign country, you get to explore and discover the country in detail. You’ll be able to visit places other than your homeland and return with interesting experiences that could be beneficial and that you could share with others.

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