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It’s a big world out there; it would be a shame not to experience it.”
– Jo Andrews

Moving to another country could be a different experience on many levels. It is indeed a very challenging experience. But in the process of overcoming this challenge, you realise your true potential and rise to face the adverse situations in life. Thus, moving abroad can help transform you. Studying abroad is a dream for many students. Especially the Indian population has been affected by this migration spree for a long time. With many countries bringing relaxations to immigration laws worldwide and global institutions opening up their doors to international students, students must know their options well. But it is almost impossible for individuals to understand the various procedures and laws for studying abroad. This is where an education consultant comes in. Now let’s have a look at how an education consultant could help you and also meet one of the top study abroad consultancy in Kochi, Kerala.

Why should a student go to a study abroad consultancy?

Here are the advantages of consulting an agency:

Career Counselling- When you seek guidance from a study abroad consultancy, the consultant may give you a detailed idea of life abroad along with career counselling. They help you choose a course that is best suited for your career aptitude.

Admission guidance- From selecting an institute to choosing the best course in the most suitable study location, a consultant could carefully guide you through with ease. Consultancies have a good working knowledge of the educational system in various countries, are well aware of the different eligibility criteria for application, and optimize the chances of selection.

Job awareness abroad- Most study abroad consultancies have branches abroad and are well aware of the different employment scenarios and opportunities in various fields. Every country has a list of jobs that are included in the skill shortage list. Since their native population doesn’t meet the requirements, such job opportunities are open to foreign nationals.

Financial Estimation- A reputed education consultant would be acquainted with the banks and financial institutions and could easily assist you in getting education loans if required. Consultants can also help you make a budget for education, individual maintenance, and accommodation abroad. They could also help eligible candidates obtain an education loan.

Accommodation assistance- Most of the overseas consultants have tie-ups with foreign universities and administrative apparatus so that they could easily assist new students in finding the best accommodation possible. Sometimes they may also connect you to senior students who can help you secure housing.

Visa assistance- Students will be guided through every stage of the visa processing and other documentation procedures. Visa procedures require great expertise and working knowledge of the various types of visas available for different destinations. Visa rules and requirements could be different from country to country. Even the slightest error could lead to the visa being rejected. So consulting an agency is always a safe choice.

Safety and transparency- Moving to another country could be a very hectic experience for students and their families. Safety concerns and a lack of knowledge about a country’s culture and lifestyle could make the situation worse. A study abroad agency would have the necessary ground support and could provide the student with all the right support.

What should you look for when selecting the top study abroad consultancy?

Let’s have a look at it in detail:

  • Consider your requirements first. Be clear about which course you want to pursue and where you want to do it.
  • Check the background of the agency and make sure that it is a reliable one.
  • Go through the reviews given by former clients and students.
  • Make sure that they are recognized and have a valid license from the home government as well as the foreign government.
  • So do a proper background check and choose a good consulting firm.

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